jt weddings1Your wedding is the most special and important day of your life, but most of all it is important that you and your guests have a great time which you will all remember forever. Jason guarantees to add that extra special touch to make your wedding a truly magical one.

From all the weeks, months and years of planning and organizing you know that this day is not just about you, but for your guest as well. Entertainment at a wedding can be one of the key ingredients in helping make your day as fun, special, enjoyable and memorable forever for you and your guests. Jason can provide the perfect entertainment for your perfect day.847 Shadbolt

Jason specializes in Weddings so he can tailor his magic to your day making his performance totally unique just for you. Throughout the day Jason performs at various times which he knows works  best for both you and your guests.

There are two main times that Jason entertains through the day. Depending on the structure of  the day, Jason will fit in accordingly to what suits you best...

Edit During the photos
After the ceremony the bride and groom are usually occupied with the photography. The photos can take up to a couple of hours depending on the photographer, bridal party, venue etc. Whilst your guests are standing around having a drink and a chat, Jason will certainly keep everyone entertained with his award winning close-up magic. Jason will mingle amongst your guests not only providing them with lots of fun, laughter and entertainment, but providing that perfect ice breaker and talking point (especially for guests who have never met before). This will not only give your guests a feeling of enchantment and excitement, but will also create a really nice atmosphere to the start of your day.

After the wedding breakfast and speeches
Once everyone has eaten and the speeches have been made, then you usually find that this is the ‘quiet time’ or ‘lul time’ of the day. The venue will also usually require a couple of hours to transform the venue ready for the evening celebrations. Everyone relaxes by having a drink and a chat waiting for the evening to start, and perhaps other guests to arrive. Jason will take advantage of this time by keeping the day flowing nicely so there is no feeling of a ‘lul’. Jason will walk around and mingle amongst the guests entertaining. Whether people are outside, inside, sat at tables, stood at the bar etc, Jason will astound and entertain everyone by utilizing this time perfectly. Also If you are having additional evening guests, Jason can be entertaining as they are arriving which also looks and works great.


Jason is in popular demand to be hired as a wedding magician. Apart from his skill and showmanship, Jason’s friendly and professional approach are just other examples of why he gets so highly recommended and booked. Jason will instantly create a great rapport with your guests, whilst setting a nice and fun atmosphere.wedding rings Jason is proud to have performed for many celebrities and VIP's and has also been honoured to have actually entertained at celebrity weddings. Jason's reputation in the wedding industry has also earnt him being chosen and selected to be part of the Wedding Guild of Wales resulting in him being recognised as one of the best magicians/entertainers in Wales.

Heart shaped playing cardsThe reason why Jason’s entertainment works perfect at a wedding, is because it is not only very unique and different, it appeals to every one of all ages and it is also a great talking point and ice breaker. Throughout the whole day your guests will be commenting on how much they enjoyed Jason, what a different and great idea he was and how much fun they had.

Jason’s magic appeals to every one of all ages. Jason specifically performs tricks that from years of experience know plays well getting the biggest wow factor with lots of audience interaction and engagement. When planning a wedding (and throughout the day) you are always conscious of your guests. You are hoping that your guests, family and friends are going to have a great day and enjoy themselves. Jason guarantees to put a smile on everyone’s face and help you to relax by knowing your guests are having a great time, and to see them enjoying themselves. Helping  make  your wedding day a day they will always remember.

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